About Me


Landscape designer Megan Galaher has been designing gardens in the Portland area for ten years and has been in the gardening industry for over 20. Growing up in San Francisco, Megan acquired a love for urban gardens at an early age. Using her art training acquired while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis and Clark College and enhanced with extensive over-seas travel and personal study, Megan takes on the challenge of a new project as a study in movement, balance, structure and color. With years of experience as an estate gardener, combined with years of retail nursery work and two garden internships, Megan uses her wealth of hands-on experience to create a practical urban garden while achieving a dynamic, complex over-all garden design. She is a member of ANLD (Association of NW Landscape Designers) and the Portland Garden Club, member club of the Garden Club of America.



After trying unsuccessfully to create a beautiful sustainable front garden I called Megan Galaher. She approached the project with lots of good ideas, testing to see what was right for me. In the end her experience and good taste accomplished what I couldn't on my own. I highly recommend her.



It was a pleasure and delight to work with Megan from beginning to end. The yard is flourishing and I learned a lot throughout the process.



I am so pleased with the results! My garden is now the envy of my friends and neighbors.



Megan's attention to detail and ability to see the long-term outcome was fantastic!



Megan designed and selected plants for our extensive landscape project with particular attention to low-maintenance selections and plants that offer year-round interest. Since the job has been completed Megan has been back to make sure everything is coming in and working as planned.