My Process


First contact

During our first conversation we will briefly talk about what you are looking for, whether it be a one hour consultation or full design followed through to installation. We will talk briefly about hourly fees and budget and I will get a quick sense of how you hope to be involved and we will schedule a time for us to walk through your property.

Property walk

During our initial meeting we will talk about your project in detail.  We will walk around the property and talk about your garden needs and your expectations of how you envision using your outdoor spaces. We will discuss garden flow, walkways, patio spaces, irrigation, and plant material as well as to what degree you would like to be involved in the design and implementation process. We will talk about landscape contractors, irrigation specialists and nurseries.  We will also discuss your budget and how to best fit the design and implementation into it. This initial consultation usually takes 1-1 ½ hours. It is best if all-decision-makers are able to be at the meeting.


Once we have decided to work together, I will begin the design process by measuring the garden. If property plans are available I will use them. Once the garden is measured, I then take the design to scale and begin to design. I spend hours on site doing much of the design on the property itself. Upon initial work, I will then work from home fine-tuning the over-all layout and doing plant research and continued plant choices. Once I have a preliminary design finished, we will then meet again to go over it. At that point we go over plant material as well as the hard-scape design, making notes of any changes to be made. This process will result in a to-scale plan to be used in the implementation of the design.


At this point, if you would like me to continue with the process, I will recommend a landscape contractor who I think is appropriate for the job. I will get them a copy of the design so that they can understand the scope of the project and properly bid the work to be done. You will then meet with the contractor and begin hard-scape discussion and choices with them. The same procedure will take place with the irrigation specialist. At this point you will enter into individual agreements with each contractor and work begins.

Throughout the project I will be in direct contact with the client as well as with each contractor to insure that the project runs as smoothly and in as timely a manner as possible. I will procure all plant material unless otherwise discussed with the client, and I will oversee all ordering, delivery, placement and installation of plant material.


Once all work has been completed, we will walk the project to make sure we are all satisfied with the outcome, making notes regarding any changes needed to be made.

After one year, I will call to schedule a complimentary consultation  of the garden to assess its condition.  At that point we may choose to make  amendments, and I will recommend any maintenance needed.
Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. The final goal of the project is to insure that we are all satisfied with the outcome, but most importantly that you are! I look forward to working with you on your next project!